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what's that got to do with blind men feeling up an elephant ?”
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  • This is the Drunkfux gig at the Coconut Teaszer the day Guns n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction was released. It was also just days after we found out that our beloved friend Todd Crew had overdosed. A night of heavy, mixed emotions. This pic is of Steven Adler (drums), Duff (bass) and West Arkeen (guitar) from Guns & Roses, while my bro Del James (current road manager for GnR) sings and I’m equipped with my favorite black Les Paul. (You may already know that since this time...Steven had a stroke and a couple of stints on Celebrity Rehab while West also has left us via overdose.

  • Our band liked to say we were “almost famous”……the “extenuating circumstances” broke us up before we reached our potential.

  • Oh....the 80's hair...