Alchemist Recovery

“Realistic, Affordable and Long-Term Addictions Recovery.”

Dr. Randy Lyons helps people struggling with addictions

People who feel disconnected, confused and alone, and who are ready for an achievable long-term solution.

Recovery doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Addiction affects


Addiction affects your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical self. Each of these domains is unique, and requires its own brand of medicine. Through my process, we will discover what works for you personally, and what does not.

My approach provides a foundation of respect for your personal beliefs and your unique situation. We eliminate confusion by getting on the same page and speaking the same language.

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Addiction is

a cycle

Many people talk about this cycle, but few can chart the step-by-step process of an addiction. Understanding this cycle is key. Together, we’ll explore and discover where your Cycle of Addiction is at its weakest—and break it there.

Once broken, we will use your particular strengths to create a new Cycle: the Cycle of Liberation. Only then can you begin to manifest a rewarding and passionate life, free from addiction.

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Addiction impacts

every relationship

Addiction damaged your closest relationships. These same relationships will be tested now that you’re in recovery. It’s inevitable.

Will they be sources of strength, growth and support...or a perpetual drag back down into the Cycle of Addiction?

The work in this Principle will give you new ways of examining, exploring and improving all of the closest relationships in your life.