That was a complete U-turn from what had driven my previous incarnation. I was a relocated New Yorker in Hollywood, California, where I lived hand-to-mouth in the world of big hair, loud guitar, rock ’n roll. This provided the perfect setting for me to perform the last 1/2 of my 17 years worth of “personal field research” in the arena of addictions. It also gave me invaluable “hands on experience” that I couldn’t imagine getting any other way.  

The last 2 decades on this sober side of that dividing line have been spent searching for direct answers to that original question. And because no one has been able to do that for me, I’ve been forced to find it on my own by exploring what I love. My search has given me the privilege of studying with some of the most revered leaders in the fields of Traditional Oriental Medicine, shamanism, martial arts, cranio-sacral therapy, movement therapy, psychology, mythology, poetry and writing. From this, I have synthesized a clear, concise model of holistic treatment for addiction that I call Alchemist Recovery.

This work has blessed me in the form of:

  • treating tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and in all stages of addiction
  • serving on staff at hospitals, medical centers and addiction treatment centers 
  • a successful private practice
  • writing 4 original books & various articles in national publications
  • teaching my original material to thousands all across North America and beyond 

I greatly look forward to seeing what’s next along this path as I travel it with my wife, partner and love of my lifetimes, Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons. And leaving little notes of knowledge from the experiences along the way answering, “What exactly does dad do?” for my son Tyler. 

Whichever side of that dividing line of sobriety I have found myself on, I have lived by and found solace in the promise offered by this declaration:

Follow you bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.
— Joseph Campbell