Medicine is….Service and Movement: Andrea Ruano


Medicine is….Service and Movement: Andrea Ruano

In this blog, I am happy to interview Andrea (Andy) Ruano, a yogi in recovery living in Boston, Massachusetts.  I found Andy on IG, #the_roaming_yogi , and was immediately drawn to her smile and inviting style. And anyone who is a Rocket Scientist by day and a yogi at night, as it says on her bio, has to be interesting, right? Here’s our exploration of how she makes use of Service and Movement as Medicine 

How important has Your Medicine been either in your own recovery and/or in helping others in their recovery?

There are two types of medicine I use in my life. Service as Medicine and Movement as Medicine. Both have been vital to my own personal recovery.

Can you tell us some specific examples of how you have used this Medicine?

Service as Medicine is something that comes to me naturally. I love to help others and it bring me a huge amount of joy to share and be there for others. Now in terms of sharing, I like to share my life with others. I talk about my ups and downs like they are one and the same.

 I don’t hide the downs and try to project only happy, shiny, bright, beautiful. That would be disingenuous. I share the sad, dull, scary and raw because I know when I needed to hear that others were going through it, I couldn’t find that. 

So I want to be out there in case someone else needs to know that they are not alone. Sometimes people thank me for sharing and other times I hear crickets. That’s ok though. I put it out there for the world and that is all I can do.

For movement as medicine, that is my own personal sanity. I tend to want to hide and isolate which feeds itself into more hiding and isolation. It’s a vicious cycle. So I get up and I do yoga first thing in the morning. That sets the tone for the rest of the day.

For some background, what originally drew you to this Medicine?

My recovery program is what initially brought me to service and my daughter was what brought me to movement. She wanted to try yoga and I thought it would be nice for her. I found her a teen yoga workshop that she could try out but they eventually cancelled it due to low participation. So I found a yoga studio that would take her under the condition that I attend with her. It quickly became a mommy/daughter weekly date night. However, something just bloomed inside of me that had never been there before. A connection with my mind and body that I had never had. As all teenagers do, she grew too old to hang with me but the love for yoga just stuck. Now I cannot even think of my life without yoga.

How does this Medicine serve you today?

It is very very easy to tell the days that I don’t do yoga. I’m usually low energy or irritable. So I would say that it not only serves me but also the people around me for me to do my yoga.


How can you imagine it growing in the future? 

I’ve started teaching yoga here and there. Giving private lessons when I can and sharing my knowledge with those around me. In the future I plan on starting a program for the Latino Community of Boston. Not only breaking down language barriers but also financial ones. Stay tuned for that!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I just want to say that I don’t think that Yoga is the end all be all for recovery. I think it is one that works but I believe just getting out there to find what you love is what is important. For some it could be crossfit, running, triathlons, piano, crocheting… whatever. I think that skills are so important in feeling a sense of fulfillment. The hard work is just finding what that it and sticking with it when it gets hard. It is worth it though.

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I’d like to thank Andrea for her contribution to my blog, Medicine is…, where we connect with people who have experience with different types of Medicine for recovery. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have some type of Medicine that you use and would like to share, please contact me and we’ll explore the possibilities. We’ve embraced everything from food, movement, spiritual practice, art, work, farming, to tattoos, and much more!

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