Success and The Three Right Conditions

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In ancient China, when a new emperor assumed the throne, a precious, bronze, three-legged cauldron would be cast.  A symbol of stability, prosperity and longevity for the arriving dynasty, this cauldron was also an alchemical manifestation of three important conditions.*

These conditions were symbolized by the cauldron’s three legs:

  • Tianshi - Right Timing

  • Dili - Right Place

  • Renhe - Right Companions

To be successful, all three conditions are needed.  

This held in ancient China…and is equally true for me today, as I seek “The Three Right Conditions” for my new business.

First, Right Timing is approaching. With the new Alchemist Recovery website launching this month and the long-awaited program beginning January 1st, events are falling into place.

Second, I’m exploring Right Place. Because Alchemist Recovery’s new program will offer online support for people struggling with addiction, a physical location isn’t essential. And yet…anchoring this program with a Right Place in the form of a treatment center would profoundly impact recovery efforts and healing. Long after their inpatient stay, continued online support would be just a mouse click away. 

Lastly, to optimize the first two conditions, the alchemical magic of the third  - Right Companions - is of utmost importance.  A manifestation of what I call the Medicine of Connection, I envision a vast, interconnected web of skilled, caring people working in collaboration. This web includes treatment professionals, educators, loved ones, farmers, poets, business owners, sponsors, cooks, physical trainers, musicians, etc. - all helping in their own way, paying it forward, with those struggling with addiction.

So, here I sit, compass pointed towards Right Timing, Right Place, Right Companions. 

I have a one-way plane ticket landing me in San Diego on October 27th. After attending the Pacific Symposium Conference on Oriental Medicine, I begin my search for “The Three Right Conditions.” This journey will begin on November 5th - my birthday. An auspicious start for Right Timing!

If you’d like to explore this Medicine of Connection (or just want to see how my search unfolds), follow along on the new Alchemist Recovery IG feed and FB page. I’d love to hear from you!

* (Master Zhongxian Wu, Vital Breath of the Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong, 2006)