Success and The Three Right Conditions - Part 2

Forest Park, Portland, Oregon

Forest Park, Portland, Oregon

In the last blog post, we introduced the three right conditions that need to be met for an undertaking to be successful.

They are:

  • Tian shi - Right Timing

  • Di li - Right Place

  • Ren he - Right Companions

The undertaking that I am currently applying these principles to is the search for Home and the launching of the new Alchemist Recovery program.


Upon landing in San Diego from my previous address in British Columbia, the intention was to meander up the California coast (on my time) in search of satisfying these conditions.

My journey's first stop was Los Angeles. And after talking to and visiting with friends, family and familiar places, there were several indications it was not to be Di Li - the right place (traffic, traffic and congestion everywhere, did I mention traffic?).  

So, I traveled into the place where I’ve left my heart, San Francisco, but a still stronger call was pulling me further north up into Sonoma County. Here is where I was firmly intending on making my last stop.  Again, I was willing to follow what the universe had laid out before me but I was pretty sure in my mind that Sonoma was Di Li - specifically either the town of Sebastopol or Guerneville.   

And while this magical land may have been, or at some point will be, Di Li, this was not matching up with any kind of Tian Shi - right timing. The recent fires in Santa Rosa had destroyed so many homes and displaced so many thousands of people, the resulting housing situation was overwhelmed. Finding my place to live was proving to be quite problematic.

Now what?

Not knowing; the sitting in the unknown and just listening, can be hard. 

Letting go of what I thought were the three right conditions to allow the real three right conditions to come into view was the practice.

So I slid through a number of “open doors” as Opportunity presented Itself. From this, the timing, place and people have culminated in Portland, Oregon.  

And so far, “Wow, pretty amazing!”

My Shamanic family brother, Rick,  showed up on day one. “No one should have to move alone.” Ahhh…thank you, kind sir! 

I’ve joined the local Slow Food chapter, attended their Eat Winter Squash event and connected with a few great people active in the community. One group is a cooks’ consortium where we will explore how seamlessly the work and purpose of a cook supplies the same kind of Medicine that we use for healing in Alchemist Recovery.

I am able to walk to New Seasons and City Market NW, both serving the best options available from local purveyors of the Pacific Northwest.  My CorePower yoga is right down the block. A few different local ManKindProject groups accept new members and there are literally a hundred different small, locally owned and personally operated shops within a mile’s walk. 

It sure feels like Di Li - right place, especially as Ren He - right people emerge, day after day validating this choice. 

On the stable legs of these three right conditions, the journey continues…

Post Script - Synchronicity. I discovered the concept of the three right conditions from Master Wu’s book, “Vital Breath of the Dao, Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong”.  Not knowing I would end up in Portland at the time of writing my blog, I now have the chance to take one of Master Wu’s workshops, which is taking place right here this weekend.  Auspicious.  And another validating example of right timing, place and people!

If you’d like to explore this Medicine of Connection (or just want to see how my search unfolds), follow along on the new Alchemist Recovery IG feed and FB page. I’d love to hear from you!