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Alchemist Recovery delivers interesting courses in a variety of ways. From full-weekend immersions, to one-hour introductions, to webinars, to the ‘work at your own pace’ of the online program, we’ve got you covered. Get your CEU’s as you connect, network and collaborate with others in your field and then apply the information to immediately grow your practice!




Alchemist Recovery

How can we treat addiction if we do not have a definition, diagnosis or treatment plan for this disease?

This course provides a clear, holistic treatment model using TCM. It is formed from over two decades of experience working within today’s addiction treatment system, as well as my own sobriety. It’s foundation is collaboration. It integrates with all other forms of modern health care, respects a TCM practitioner’s individuality, and honors a client’s personal beliefs.

Join us, you will:

  • Receive a clear definition, diagnosis and treatment plan for addiction

  • Learn a comprehensive, simple and usable TCM model

  • Acquire a medical language bridging TCM, modern psychology and plain English

  • Practice skills immediately applicable to private practice


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Opening the Eyes of the Heart

There is an ancient Chinese medical teaching that speaks of the Heart having seven magical orifices. These are not physical connections to the veins and arteries but rather metaphorical apertures that open up to reveal wonders of insight, health and understanding. They are called the Eyes of the Heart, and they are pathways of consciousness whose doors can be opened or closed depending upon one’s intention and experience. 

When these doors are open, one has the freedom to act with clear conscious awareness in the present moment, as opposed to when they are closed and one is chained to reaction from the repetitive programming of the past. This program will teach practitioners how to Open the Eyes of the Heart for clients as well as themselves.

Join us, you will be provided with:

  • A clear model of TOM theory and treatment

  • Skills for guiding a client’s meditation

  • Experiential exercises to practice and teach

  • Methods for bridging TOM to modern psychology and how to work with mental health professionals

  • Application of these techniques immediately into practice

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Soul Courting

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Like cultures from all over the world, China’s ancient medicine had specialists who spoke directly to the Spirits. The Nine Songs is one surviving example of Chinese poetry describing how these people, often called shamans, did exactly this. They courted their heroes and gods with words, emotions, intention and all forms of heartfelt expression.

Today, you will experience these same methods in order to heal the damage suffered from modern society’s traumas. You will be shown how this relates directly to TCM and learn to court the lost pieces of soul back into your client’s life. When these parts return, they bring back the passion, meaning and joyous expression that had departed along with them.

Join us, you will:

  • Explore healing technology that has worked for millennium

  • Help clients break through old, outdated patterns

  • Learn holistic methods of treating trauma

  • Immediately integrate simple and effective techniques into your private or group practice

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The Yin Yang of Relationship

This course provides a TCM approach for improving a client’s health through the examination of their closest relationships.

We explore how the disease of Fright forms the defenses of the Pericardium. In a relationship, these appear as very specific Heart Protecting Roles. These Roles follow the theory of Yin Yang and match up perfectly their partner’s interrelated and interdependent Heart Protecting Roles of their own.

This course teaches how to help clients identify their own Roles and take responsibility for their part in the relationship dance. From there, ways of changing into a new, healthier partnership are offered.

Join us, you will:

  • Learn a TCM model for improving relationships

  • Use clear, simple steps to help your clients identify and change their unhealthy patterns

  • Practice techniques for immediate application into private and/or group practice