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The Alchemist Recovery Program For Professionals

If you are a professional treating clients with addiction, you know how hard their struggle can be.

Alchemist Recovery provides the support they need between sessions and keeps them coming back to you interested and involved. Clients get support, you get help, and we all connect in this collaborative network. It’s win-win-win.



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As a professional, you get:

  • Partnership in treating a difficult disease.

  • Increased client participation

  • Peace of mind knowing that your clients have another therapeutic resource between sessions

And when you join Alchemist Recovery with a professional membership, not only do you get access to the complete program but all of your addiction clients can participate in the program for the cost of just one individual membership.

That’s right: you and all of your addiction clients for the price of one!

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continuing education FOR PROFESSIONALS

When you join the AR Program with a professional membership, you receive access to 50 credit hours of CEU’s at no additional charge.

About every five weeks throughout the year, a 5 credit hour course is presented. There’s no obligation or pressure, and you can take as many or as few CEU's as you wish.

For practitioners of Oriental Medicine, these courses have been approved by NCCAOM and are in the process of being approved by specific state agencies. For mental health workers, applications have been and continue to be presented for approval from national and state boards.  If you have questions about specific agencies, email me and we’ll get answers.


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Whether your a small business that wants to connect with your local recovery community, or a corporation that wants an in-house employee assistance program, or a treatment center that wants to offer long-term, holistic aftercare to your clients…

I create win-win-win scenarios between people in recovery, professionals and a wide array of businesses. 

Over the last two decades, I have spoken to ten’s of thousands of people about all types of recovery related subjects.  Whether it’s been through teaching, workshops, lectures or intensives, I invite attendees to participate and become involved because I love to get people active, interested and engaged.