The Program

This is the cornerstone of the work.  A year-long package of connection and support. 

Connect with Dr. Randy Lyons each week throughout the year, with 52 critical lessons, exercises and live web sessions. With regularity, accountability and progress becomes simple.


One on One

Go deeper and faster into your recovery by working one-on-one with Dr. Randal Lyons via phone, Skype, FaceTime and/or Zoom. Cost $150/hour

30 Day Intensive: Together, we craft an in-depth and comprehensive plan for whatever mental, spiritual, emotional and/or physical concerns you have. We check in everyday and keep you on track. Cost $3,950


In-Person Intensives

For those who have the need to work in person, Dr. Randal Lyons will fly to your location and customize a plan around your personal goals.

This is an intense immersion into the work and is designed to break through whatever issues have been holding you back and provide a clear and realistic plan for the road ahead.

Cost: $1,500/day + travel expenses


The song in this video is used by permission from my dear friend, Jennifer Grais.

“Opening to Freedom” by Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais.

From the album, “They Were Here” (2017, Dr Bam’s Music) All rights reserved.