Alchemist Recovery

I believe

there’s something missing in addiction treatment.


People in early recovery tell me they feel:

disconnected.  confused.  alone.

When I was there over 20 years ago, I felt the same way.  I couldn’t find:

realistic, affordable, long term solutions that connected, cared for and inspired me.



that’s why I’ve created Alchemist Recovery.

Not only to fill this Void, but also to give back now, what I desperately needed then.

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Lesson of the week

Lesson #2

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Definitions: Addiction

What exactly is the definition of an addiction?  

This week’s Lesson provides a clear and definitive one.

We break it down, line by line, to reveal the universal truths that apply to all addictions. 

Experientially, we Journey to the Void and examine the information we find there.

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