Alchemist Recovery


 3 Simple Principles to achieve, maintain and thrive.



Addiction affects every Aspect of the Whole Person: Mental, Spiritual, Emotional & Physical.

Each has its own perspective, its own way of explaining things and its own brand of Medicine. So, it’s important that you and I explore which ones work, and don’t work, for you. This provides a foundation that respects your personal beliefs and honors your unique situation. We eliminate confusion, get on the same page and speak the same language.

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What Aspect does your addiction effect the most?
Mental? Spiritual? Emotional? Physical?


What Recovery Personality Type are You?

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Addiction is a Cycle.

Many people talk about this fact but few can chart an addiction’s step by step process. Together, we’ll explore and discover where your Cycle of Addiction is at its weakest and break it there. Building upon this, we will use your your particular strengths to create a new Cycle: the Cycle of Liberation - which rolls into manifestation in the form of a rewarding and Passionate life.

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Where is the best place for you to break your Cycle of Addiction?
What are your strongest recovery traits? 


Working with Principle 2, “What’s Your Element?”


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Addiction affects every close relationship.

Because addiction damaged your closest relationships, these same relationships will be tested now that you’re in recovery. It’s inevitable. Will they be sources of strength, growth and support...or a perpetual drag back down into the Cycle of Addiction?

The work in this Principle will give you new ways of examining, exploring and improving all of the closest relationships in your life.

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In the Dance of Addiction, do you take the lead... or do you conveniently follow? 


Working with Principle 3, “The Yin Yang of Relationship: Which Are You?”