Reviews of the Alchemist recovery program

Below are some recent reviews of clients who have worked with Randy Lyons and the Alchemist Recovery Program.

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Over the years, I’ve been blessed with the trust of many clients. The song used in the video above, “Opening To Freedom” is used by permission from Byron Metcalf and my dear friend, Jennifer Grais. It is from the album, “They Were Here” (2017 Dr. Bam’s Music) all rights reserved.

Hey Randy! Just a quick thanks to let you know what an impact you have had on my life. I was a client at The … Treatment Center 7 years ago and loved your classes. I have been clean and sober since and am now an Addiction Specialist in Florida. I think of you often especially on Wed-nes-days.

L, Florida

When I first when into treatment I was an addict and did not want to live. You gave me hope and never treated me like an addict but instead was always so kind. So many thanks.

Louis, Massachusetts

Randy’s holistic take on trauma was the thing that clicked. This program showed me how it all relates: childhood, addiction, my relationships and the things I can do, right now, that keep my recovery on track.

Chris, Washington

Randy, your program gave me direction when I was lost, alone, down and confused. It’s so clear and honest and dependable. Forever thankful!

Sarah, Arizona

I love the way this program simply explains things. It’s like a recipe; I just follow the directions and everything works out fine. I’m so grateful for it showing me how my heart’s true desire of working with food can be a daily practice that keeps me sharp-edged clean.

Rachel, Chef

You literally pulled me out of the hole I drank myself into since my partner passed. Step by step, we brought purpose & joy back to my days, to my acting and to my life. Forever thankful...


We connected my physical pain to what was happening emotionally in a way that changed everything. That’s holistic! The situation with my family immediately shifted & got better - and keeps getting better.

nfl quarterback

Your words, ‘How much time, money & energy is spent on addiction instead of career, friends & family?’ still ring true today. You rock, my friend.

business owner