Recovery doesn’t have to be complicated.

Alchemist Recovery follows 3 simple principles:


Addiction affects your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical self. Each of these aspects has its own language and its own kind of medicine.

Naturally, you gravitate towards the ones that work for you and leave the rest.

We honor these beliefs and form a foundation of respect, which makes things easier right from the start.


Many traditions talk about this cycle, but few can chart the step-by-step process of an addiction. It follows a natural progression, so regardless of who you are or what your addiction is, certain universal truths apply;

it’s completely predictable.

We use this to our advantage to find out where your addiction is at its weakest - and break it there.


Addiction damaged your closest relationships. They will be tested now that you’re in recovery. It’s inevitable.

Will they be sources of strength, growth and support...or a perpetual drag back down into the Cycle of Addiction?

The work in this Principle will give you new ways of examining and improving all of the closest relationships in your life.


We put these 3 Principles into practice through 52 Lessons: one every week of the year.



A PDF containing information, exercises and questions that walk you step by step through the work


Video session guiding you through the Lesson’s meditative Journey each week.


Two interactive live sessions, one video and one audio, address any concerns. Both are recorded for later playback.


Get connected to a wide network of people in all stages of recovery through interviews, blogs, podcasts, IG, stories, and more. In addition, you can participate in a closed Disqus group with other members.


You are provided with interesting ways of incorporating the new information into your normal routine and/or other therapies. Applying what you learn in simple, daily actions is a key component to the work.


At anytime during the week you can email questions. You can also ask them during the two Live Sessions. 

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Enrol in the course for $99 per month with a 12 month payment plan.

ONE-TIME PAYMENT | $79/month

Enrol in the course for $79 per month with a one time payment.